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Fake Vintage Book Covers 3: Tickle Me Silly


Image of Fake Vintage Book Covers 3: Tickle Me Silly

A stunningly beautiful woman, an evocative title and a sensational blurb…

FAKE VINTAGE BOOK COVERS is a tribute to the American pulp magazines and paperbacks from the fifties and sixties.
Specifically to the art of Robert McGinnis and Robert Maguire, whose subjects weren’t mere damsels in distress but elegant, sexy and intelligent women.

Belgian artist KRISTOF SPAEY takes these elements, spices them up with humour, seasons them with smart references to pop culture and serves you his unique interpretation of this recipe.

"They are truly little gems!"
- Robert McGinnis

This 64 page collection features over 150 covers and illustrations, wrapped in a luxurious hardcover.

Each book comes signed and sketched at no extra charge.

If you would like a more elaborate custom sketch in ink, please select the extra option below.
These pieces are full figure renderings of one of the models inked with brush and drawn inside the book.